An Advanced Screening……Say Whaaa!!

We are no stranger to Advanced Screenings, we’ve been given the opportunity to see multiple Movies a few days or a week before they open to the public. But you may be wondering “How does one get into an Advanced Screening” or “I want to see this film before everyone else, how do i go about doing that”. Well, we are going to tell you our experience and how we get to see a film early.

First, we need a Movie, lets choose “First Man” (because we just got back from seeing an advanced screening of it last night).

Next step is the tricky part, go to either, the Studios website, or your local Movie Theater. Allow me to break down each one and how effective each one is:

  • : very effective, its a site where you put in your city, and they list the current advanced screening films (NOTE: they don’t post these at a specific time, these screenings can be posted at 11pm on a Friday night to 3am on a Tuesday night) We highly recommend you signup for alerts, they will notify you when a screening pops up and you are not waiting at random.
  • The Movie Studio Website : Simply sign up and select “Notify Me” of any screenings, Probability of the studio notifying you all depends on location, demographic, gender, income, whether or not your a member of the reviewing press, etc.
  • and finally Local Movie Theaters, these are very Rare and depending on your location, they might not happen at your local Regal (Advanced Screenings tend to happen in Big Cities, which means you have to go for a bit of a drive). Not a bad option, let it pass.

Ok, so you got your advanced screening pass in hand, your so excited to be seeing a film before everyone else, BUT WAIT, theres a couple of disclaimers/rules to abide by at the bottom of your pass/at the theater, what are they? Let us explain:

  • NO CELL PHONES/NO RECORDING DEVICES – This is extremely important, because you are seeing a Movie at the studios expense before the opening public, they absolutely DO NOT want anyone recording, (It’s Illegal Anyways) also the theater/studio hires private security so even if you pull out your phone to check the time, they will throw you out.
  • ARRIVE EARLY – Your Pass says “First Come, First Serve”, basically that means if you have a pass to see Avengers 4  get there early if you want to see it. You aren’t the only one with a pass. (EXAMPLE: Your Pass says Start Time “7:00”, thats when the movie starts, they don’t account the waiting in line and sitting in the theater waiting for the film to start) So We Suggest you Arrive 2 Hours Early. Trust us, you’ll thank us later, and it’s worth the wait.
  • BRING A GOVERNMENT ID – Your name is on the pass, but the gatekeeper might not know who the pass holder is.
  • NO BACKPACKS – I don’t know why.

Those are pretty much the important rules, Basically, the movie studio is sparing no expense for you to see this film, the studio has rented the theater, security, and everything else, they don’t want any ripples in the water, case in point.

So, you got your pass, you understood the rules, now sit back relax and enjoy your advanced screening:

First Man Theater.jpg


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