Movie Remakes? Whats the Deal!!

We’re back with another Blog Post, Hope Everyone had a great Thanksgiving, this time we decided to talk about Movie Remakes and our theory on why Hollywood needs to ruin franchises.

So let’s take you back to 2012, a little movie called “Total Recall” was getting the remake treatment, I was dead set against it. (I’m still dead set against it). It bombed at the Box Office but Hollywood kept going to the Well. Since that travesty of a Remake known as “Total Recall” in 2012, we’ve had remakes on the following:

  • RoboCop
  • Annie
  • The Magnificent Seven
  • A Star is Born
  • Ben-Hur
  • Carrie
  • Papillon
  • Point Break
  • Poltergeist

….just to name a few.

So, why does Hollywood ruin your childhood? Is it for profit, or it is just for the sick pleasure? Well, its both!! Allow us to explain, the best way to describe Hollywood Remakes is “Too Many Cooks spoiling the broth” or “Two Many Cooks taking a dump in the Broth.” Is Hollywood going to stop? Absolutely-Fuckin-Not!! They Should because its a cheap way of making money.

Our Theory: Imagine your a Hollywood bigshot, and you have a decision to make, Green Light an original Film idea by Jordan Peele, or a Remake of Back to the Future, you decide on the original Film idea by Jordan Peele, but your Boss (the Studio Head) decides that the Back to the Future remake will be more lucrative than the original film idea. You state your reasons why the Jordan Peele Film is better:

  1. Nobody wants a remake to Back to the Future
  2. Jordan Peele’s Movies have been the most talked about on Social Media
  3. His Debut Movie “Get Out” was nominated for multiple Academy Awards.
  4. The Box Office Numbers alone will triumph over Back to the Future.

Your Reason although Valid still don’t win over your Boss (The Studio Head). He green lights the Remake and doesn’t give a damn what anyone else says.

…..and thats our Theory. Do you have a different Theory than us? Tell Us!!

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