Avengers Endgame Predictions: Who Lives and Who Dies!!

With the biggest Movie Event in history right around the corner, that’s right Avengers: Endgame is 1 week away!! We decided to give our predictions on who lives and who dies.

Please keep in mind these are predictions are merely through theory’s and news from reliable sources, we have no idea what to expect in this movie. We haven’t seen it. We are waiting just like everyone else. This is merely a prediction….nothing more!!

Most Likely to Survive #6 Captian Marvel

After dominating the Box Office and putting Trolls all over the World in their Place, Captain Marvel is slated to carry the rest of the MCU going forward after Endgame, so it highly unlikely that the original Original Avenger will be killed off during the Grand Spectacle that is Avengers Endgame.

Most Likely to Die #6 Rocket

After Rocket witnessed Groot turning to Dust and I’m assuming he will find out the rest of his friends (minus Nebula) are Dust as well, Endgame will take a toll on Rocket, he will get so stressed that it will kill him.

Most Likely to Survive #5 WarMachine

WarMachine is a mixed bag when coming up with this list, Don Cheadle has not revealed any projects after Endgame, and you don’t see much of him in the trailer, so I’m going to assume they give him the Terrance Howard Treatment and put him in the corner while the big boys play against Thanos.

Most Likely to Die #5 The Hulk

Say what you want about The Hulk, whether you like the God Awful Eric Bana Version In 2003, or Edward Norton’s version, Mark Ruffalo has delivered as The Hulk, But after The Hulk got his a** kicked by Thanos in the Beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, I don’t think Hulk will come out again, and Banner suffers the brutal onslaught from Thanos and gets concussed.

Most Likely to Survive #4 Hawkeye/Ronin

It’s great to see Jeremy Renner Back as Hawkeye, (he’s done playing Tag) The Avengers are going to need all the help they can get, and they enlist a man who was playing Tag during Infinity War!! Either Way Hawkeye better have an Arrow sting enough to destroy Thanos or it’ll be a short fight for the Arrow Weilding Hero

Most Likely to Die #4 Nebula

Ok this is for the Comic Book geeks out there, in the Comic Book “Infinity Gauntlet” Nebula kills Thanos, HOWEVER, if the Russo’s do follow that plot, they could throw in this Twist, Nebula Kills Thanos But Thanos delivers the Killing Blow, killing her other Daughter.

Most Likely to Survive #3 Thor

Ok, In a Recent Interview with Chris Hemsworth, he said “he would play Thor as long as Marvel would allow him” so with that statement, I believe Thor will survive and go for the head

Most Likely to Die #3 AntMan

Ok this one is more on the ludicrous side but hear me out, I’m assuming you all have heard the theory of AntMan crawling up Thanos’ A** and Killing Him that way!! Well what if the journey through Thanos’s a** was tough and AntMan suffocated in the bowels, intestinal tract, or got killed by stomach acids or something!! Like I said this is far fetched but everyone is talking about this theory so I figured id address it.

Most Likely to Survive #2 Black Widow

Ok, so she’s getting her own movie, enough said.

Most Likely to Die #2 Captian America

If you paid attention to Captian America’s Story Arch, he’s made sacrifices whether it be to save the Nation or the World, his Beliefs on Right and Wrong, and a Friendship, I believe Captain America will make the ultimate sacrifice and sacrifice himself to save his friends. Plus Chris Evans made a Farewell announcement to the cast and crew right after filming so he’s officially done with the MCU after Endgame

Most Likely to Survive #1 IronMan

Now, I could have put IronMan in Most Likely to Die But I put him in most Likely to to Survive because, Gweneth Paltrow has called it quits after Endgame, (so she survived the snap) our theory on Iron Man is Tony retires and Pepper and Him have Kids and live happily ever after (if you paid attention to Infinity War they were talking about Kids)

Most Likely to Die #1 Thanos

Well, Thanos is responsible for wiping out 50% of the Worlds Population, he also has a big target on his back. Thanos is a marked man, we don’t know if he’s retired or what but all we know is there’s a storm coming and the End is Near!!

So that is our theory on who lives and who dies in Avengers Endgame. Do you agree with our theory? Listen to our Audio Podcast “The New and Improved Super Retro Throwback Reviews: The Audio Files V 2.0” Available on all Major Podcasting Distributors On May 6th as we talk about Avengers: Endgame in great detail!!

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