Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here updating you guys, My Sincerest Apologies for not being Active. Anyways, I figured it’s time to update you all with whats been going on the past 4 months in the Super Retro Universe since the last Blog Post.

  • A Top Secret Project(s):

Currently, for the past 3 months we have been working on a couple of Top Secret Projects, We can’t divulge any Details but keep an eye out on our Social Media Pages, and the Blog for more.

  • A Weekly Podcast

Ever Since the Launch of our Reformatted Audio Podcast “The New and Improved Super Retro Throwback Reviews: The Audio Files V 2.0” in January 2018, we released an Episode every other Week, NOW, since May of this Year, we have been releasing an Audio Podcast Episode EVERY WEEK. So now you get our Audio Podcast Every week. Make Sure you Download and Listen.

  • Podcast Network = Family

Super Retro Throwback Reviews finally has a home on “The Dorkening Podcast Network” we are really excited to be apart of the Family. Check out all the other shows on the Network (including us)

  • More Audio Podcast/Less Youtube

With Youtube and their ever changing Rules, its getting difficult to produce content more and more unless Monetization is a factor. At this Moment in time, our Primary Focus is the Audio Podcast, Yes we will still put content out on Youtube, but not as much as we constantly did, Our Mobile Movie Reviews will still happen, So will our 31 Days of Horror Marathon, occasionally you’ll see a random video here and there. BUT like we said Youtube is not our Primary Focus right now.

  • Moichendicing, Moichendicing!!

For 3 Years we’ve had a TeePublic Store, now our Merch Shop is Expanding, We also have a TeeSpring Store and an Amazon Affiliate. (More Shirts to be added to the stores soon)



Amazon: Store Link Coming Soon

So that being said: Buy, Buy, Buy, Consume, Buy Buy, Buy

  • A Lighter Convention Schedule for 2020

For 3 Years, you’ve seen us at Conventions all over New England from Boston to New York. In 2017, we embarked on our “Fall Con Tour” which took us to 10 Comic Cons from Boston Comic Con to New York Comic Con, this Year we cut our Convention Schedule by 3, So we did 7 Conventions, In 2020, our Comic Con load will be light. But don’t worry, you’ll still see us.

Thats All for Now, #StayTuned for more Blog Posts and Updates in the coming months.


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