Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here updating you guys, My Sincerest Apologies for not being Active. Anyways, I figured it’s time to update you all with whats been going on the past 4 months in the Super Retro Universe since the last Blog Post.

  • A Top Secret Project(s):

Currently, for the past 3 months we have been working on a couple of Top Secret Projects, We can’t divulge any Details but keep an eye out on our Social Media Pages, and the Blog for more.

  • A Weekly Podcast

Ever Since the Launch of our Reformatted Audio Podcast “The New and Improved Super Retro Throwback Reviews: The Audio Files V 2.0” in January 2018, we released an Episode every other Week, NOW, since May of this Year, we have been releasing an Audio Podcast Episode EVERY WEEK. So now you get our Audio Podcast Every week. Make Sure you Download and Listen.

  • Podcast Network = Family

Super Retro Throwback Reviews finally has a home on “The Dorkening Podcast Network” we are really excited to be apart of the Family. Check out all the other shows on the Network (including us)

  • More Audio Podcast/Less Youtube

With Youtube and their ever changing Rules, its getting difficult to produce content more and more unless Monetization is a factor. At this Moment in time, our Primary Focus is the Audio Podcast, Yes we will still put content out on Youtube, but not as much as we constantly did, Our Mobile Movie Reviews will still happen, So will our 31 Days of Horror Marathon, occasionally you’ll see a random video here and there. BUT like we said Youtube is not our Primary Focus right now.

  • Moichendicing, Moichendicing!!

For 3 Years we’ve had a TeePublic Store, now our Merch Shop is Expanding, We also have a TeeSpring Store and an Amazon Affiliate. (More Shirts to be added to the stores soon)



Amazon: Store Link Coming Soon

So that being said: Buy, Buy, Buy, Consume, Buy Buy, Buy

  • A Lighter Convention Schedule for 2020

For 3 Years, you’ve seen us at Conventions all over New England from Boston to New York. In 2017, we embarked on our “Fall Con Tour” which took us to 10 Comic Cons from Boston Comic Con to New York Comic Con, this Year we cut our Convention Schedule by 3, So we did 7 Conventions, In 2020, our Comic Con load will be light. But don’t worry, you’ll still see us.

Thats All for Now, #StayTuned for more Blog Posts and Updates in the coming months.


Avengers Endgame Predictions: Who Lives and Who Dies!!

With the biggest Movie Event in history right around the corner, that’s right Avengers: Endgame is 1 week away!! We decided to give our predictions on who lives and who dies.

Please keep in mind these are predictions are merely through theory’s and news from reliable sources, we have no idea what to expect in this movie. We haven’t seen it. We are waiting just like everyone else. This is merely a prediction….nothing more!!

Most Likely to Survive #6 Captian Marvel

After dominating the Box Office and putting Trolls all over the World in their Place, Captain Marvel is slated to carry the rest of the MCU going forward after Endgame, so it highly unlikely that the original Original Avenger will be killed off during the Grand Spectacle that is Avengers Endgame.

Most Likely to Die #6 Rocket

After Rocket witnessed Groot turning to Dust and I’m assuming he will find out the rest of his friends (minus Nebula) are Dust as well, Endgame will take a toll on Rocket, he will get so stressed that it will kill him.

Most Likely to Survive #5 WarMachine

WarMachine is a mixed bag when coming up with this list, Don Cheadle has not revealed any projects after Endgame, and you don’t see much of him in the trailer, so I’m going to assume they give him the Terrance Howard Treatment and put him in the corner while the big boys play against Thanos.

Most Likely to Die #5 The Hulk

Say what you want about The Hulk, whether you like the God Awful Eric Bana Version In 2003, or Edward Norton’s version, Mark Ruffalo has delivered as The Hulk, But after The Hulk got his a** kicked by Thanos in the Beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, I don’t think Hulk will come out again, and Banner suffers the brutal onslaught from Thanos and gets concussed.

Most Likely to Survive #4 Hawkeye/Ronin

It’s great to see Jeremy Renner Back as Hawkeye, (he’s done playing Tag) The Avengers are going to need all the help they can get, and they enlist a man who was playing Tag during Infinity War!! Either Way Hawkeye better have an Arrow sting enough to destroy Thanos or it’ll be a short fight for the Arrow Weilding Hero

Most Likely to Die #4 Nebula

Ok this is for the Comic Book geeks out there, in the Comic Book “Infinity Gauntlet” Nebula kills Thanos, HOWEVER, if the Russo’s do follow that plot, they could throw in this Twist, Nebula Kills Thanos But Thanos delivers the Killing Blow, killing her other Daughter.

Most Likely to Survive #3 Thor

Ok, In a Recent Interview with Chris Hemsworth, he said “he would play Thor as long as Marvel would allow him” so with that statement, I believe Thor will survive and go for the head

Most Likely to Die #3 AntMan

Ok this one is more on the ludicrous side but hear me out, I’m assuming you all have heard the theory of AntMan crawling up Thanos’ A** and Killing Him that way!! Well what if the journey through Thanos’s a** was tough and AntMan suffocated in the bowels, intestinal tract, or got killed by stomach acids or something!! Like I said this is far fetched but everyone is talking about this theory so I figured id address it.

Most Likely to Survive #2 Black Widow

Ok, so she’s getting her own movie, enough said.

Most Likely to Die #2 Captian America

If you paid attention to Captian America’s Story Arch, he’s made sacrifices whether it be to save the Nation or the World, his Beliefs on Right and Wrong, and a Friendship, I believe Captain America will make the ultimate sacrifice and sacrifice himself to save his friends. Plus Chris Evans made a Farewell announcement to the cast and crew right after filming so he’s officially done with the MCU after Endgame

Most Likely to Survive #1 IronMan

Now, I could have put IronMan in Most Likely to Die But I put him in most Likely to to Survive because, Gweneth Paltrow has called it quits after Endgame, (so she survived the snap) our theory on Iron Man is Tony retires and Pepper and Him have Kids and live happily ever after (if you paid attention to Infinity War they were talking about Kids)

Most Likely to Die #1 Thanos

Well, Thanos is responsible for wiping out 50% of the Worlds Population, he also has a big target on his back. Thanos is a marked man, we don’t know if he’s retired or what but all we know is there’s a storm coming and the End is Near!!

So that is our theory on who lives and who dies in Avengers Endgame. Do you agree with our theory? Listen to our Audio Podcast “The New and Improved Super Retro Throwback Reviews: The Audio Files V 2.0” Available on all Major Podcasting Distributors On May 6th as we talk about Avengers: Endgame in great detail!!

Will Avengers: Endgame be a Throwback to the old school Roadshows?

As you may or may not have already heard, Avengers: Endgame is clocked in at 3 hours long. According to the directors the Russo Brothers, this was made final after successful test screenings. But a lot of people don’t know that usually a 3 plus hour movie has to have an intermission or something so people don’t have exploding kidneys (see the Simpsons Episode “Homer Simpson in Kidney Trouble” for a great reference)

Anyways let me go into more detail on why a 3 plus hour running time for a movie has a rich history in cinema. You see back in the day there was a cinema in Los Angeles called “Cinerama” and this movie theater was equipped with a 70 mm film projector the screen was like a half circle, it was a huge deal at the time. This was where BIG movies played (these were called Roadshows) some examples of Roadshow movies were: Ben Hur, The Sand Pebbles, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (One of My Personal Favorites), 2001: A Space Odyssey, and most recently Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight.

Your basic Roadshow consisted of a souvenir program (which had tidbits, facts, still photos of the movie, etc.) it was your basic collectible. Also at these Roadshows, basically the movie went down like this: an Overture (a musical set that gets people amped for the movie) the movie itself (the first hour and a half, an intermission (insert piss break here) then the remaining hour and a half of the movie, then an outro (a very rare thing) usually after the credits but it was something to send people home, todays version of that is your average post credit scene.

So will Marvel go old school and do the Roadshow?! Personally I like the idea, if you have a running time of 3 plus hours and slap an intermission in, Have an overture. Give the patrons a souvenir program. The only downfall is the format, you see 70 mm is kind of obsolete, there are less than 100 projectors out there in the US, I remember seeing “The Hateful Eight” in 70 mm, I had to drive to Providence to see it. It was a feeling I can’t describe you have to experience it. Maybe Disney will do something with Endgame, maybe not. Who know. Avengers Endgame drops worldwide on April 26th

New Year, Big Things Coming

*I apologize for the delay in this blog post, the holidays and other things got in the way making things a bit stressful.*

Anyways as Super Retro Throwback Reviews enters the new year, we have some big things planned. We look forward to the future and what it plans for us.

Things to look forward to:

Comic Con Coverage (we will be trying to do more booths at conventions) The Following Dates are:

  • CT Gamercon (March 23rd and 24th) Mohegan Sun Convention Center, Uncasville, CT (We have a booth at the convention, we will be doing Live Audio Podcast Recordings, A Raffle, and other things including: a few special guests joining our booth, etc.)
  • Pax EAST (March 28th – March 31st) Boston Convention Center, Boston, MA (We will be attending Friday ONLY)
  • Terifficon (August 9th – August 11th) Mohegan Sun Expo Center, Uncasville, CT
  • CT Horrorfest (September 14th) Naugatuck Event Center, Naugatuck, CT (We have a booth at the convention, we will be doing Live Audio Podcast Recordings)

More will be announced soon…..


Let’s start with this years 31 Days of Horror Marathon, this October, this years theme is “Invasion of the Cult Classics” we will be bringing guests on this year for the first time, guests that we call our good friends and from other podcasts. We promise this years 31 Days will be different but the same as well.

Our Mobile Movie Reviews will continue, we look forward to bringing you more reviews on the hottest movies to date. (We may bring guests on our Reviews)

…..and more to be announced soon.

A Partnership?:

We are in current negotiations with partnering with Media Group. We can’t say much right now, but when everything is finalized and completed we promise to update you. We can say this, Super Retro Throwback Reviews will be “Bigger, Better, and Badder”

Movie Remakes? Whats the Deal!!

We’re back with another Blog Post, Hope Everyone had a great Thanksgiving, this time we decided to talk about Movie Remakes and our theory on why Hollywood needs to ruin franchises.

So let’s take you back to 2012, a little movie called “Total Recall” was getting the remake treatment, I was dead set against it. (I’m still dead set against it). It bombed at the Box Office but Hollywood kept going to the Well. Since that travesty of a Remake known as “Total Recall” in 2012, we’ve had remakes on the following:

  • RoboCop
  • Annie
  • The Magnificent Seven
  • A Star is Born
  • Ben-Hur
  • Carrie
  • Papillon
  • Point Break
  • Poltergeist

….just to name a few.

So, why does Hollywood ruin your childhood? Is it for profit, or it is just for the sick pleasure? Well, its both!! Allow us to explain, the best way to describe Hollywood Remakes is “Too Many Cooks spoiling the broth” or “Two Many Cooks taking a dump in the Broth.” Is Hollywood going to stop? Absolutely-Fuckin-Not!! They Should because its a cheap way of making money.

Our Theory: Imagine your a Hollywood bigshot, and you have a decision to make, Green Light an original Film idea by Jordan Peele, or a Remake of Back to the Future, you decide on the original Film idea by Jordan Peele, but your Boss (the Studio Head) decides that the Back to the Future remake will be more lucrative than the original film idea. You state your reasons why the Jordan Peele Film is better:

  1. Nobody wants a remake to Back to the Future
  2. Jordan Peele’s Movies have been the most talked about on Social Media
  3. His Debut Movie “Get Out” was nominated for multiple Academy Awards.
  4. The Box Office Numbers alone will triumph over Back to the Future.

Your Reason although Valid still don’t win over your Boss (The Studio Head). He green lights the Remake and doesn’t give a damn what anyone else says.

…..and thats our Theory. Do you have a different Theory than us? Tell Us!!

The Night He Came Home to Salem

October 4th, 2018 Salem, Massachusetts 10:30 PM

Standing in Line at Cinema Salem in Salem, Massachusetts, for the Opening Night of Salem Horror Fest, and the New England Premiere of Blumhouse’s Most Highly Anticipated Movie of the Year “Halloween”, the feeling I was getting standing in line was, 99% Excitement and 1% of worrying that something might go wrong, My Initial reaction was “Oh My God, I’m here, I can’t believe I’m here, I’m seeing this Movie 2 weeks before everyone else”. Standing in Line with My Bodyguard (yes i have a Bodyguard, being a podcaster you tend to have a few stalkers and enemies) the feeling of excitement of everyone in line was amped up to 11. I met a few people in line, one gentleman runs the projectors at the Mahoning Drive-In Theater, a Drive-In in Pennsylvania that does 35 MM film Double/Triple Features, also standing in line with us was an Employee of CinemaSalem who took the night off to see this epic film, we all were predicting what was going to happen in the film, fanboying, talking about 35 mm films, pretty much everything.

…….and we weren’t alone in LineHalloween 3

October 4th, 2018 Salem, Massachusetts 11:00 PM

The Doors have opened, our tickets scanned, we Enter the theater, first thing we see is a big piece of paper in the foyer saying TURN OFF ALL CELLULAR PHONES DURING THE FILM, REFUSAL WILL RESULT IN EJECTION, or something along the lines of that, (We already knew that because we’ve been to Advanced Screenings before), So we get into the theater and take our seats, and it takes awhile for everyone to take their seats, while I take advantage of whats in front of me…..

Halloween 1

October 4th, 2018 Salem, Massachusetts 11:30 PM

Everyone has taken their seats, and a lady has taken the stage, when we arrived at Salem 4 hours prior we met her at the Fangoria Booth, She is the Co-Host of a Podcast called CinemaSpection (although I can’t remember her name), Anyways she takes the stage and says the same thing on the paper in the foyer, and then introduces 2 Special Guests, The Vice President of Blumhouse Ryan Turek, and One of the Actresses from the New Halloween Movie: Andi Matichack. The Entire theater exploded with excitement, everyone wanted to pick their brains about the new film, but were hesitant because in about 4 and a half minutes they were going to see it right behind Turek and Matichack.

Halloween 2

October 4th, 2018 Salem, Massachusetts 11:35 PM

The Film Starts, and everyone was cheering, clapping, gasping, and just amazed at the hard work Blumhouse, David Gordon Green, and The Cast and Crew put together. We’re going to give you our (NO SPOILER) First Impression.

First Off, Holy Shit, what a freaking awesome film, It’s definitely something for the fan of the Franchise, Highly Recommended.

Seeing Jamie Lee Curtis return in her iconic role that elevated her into the stratosphere was a breath of fresh air, and trust me, you will be satisfied with her character. The Plot was (in grand Halloween Fashion what you’d expect, but with a few surprises) okay. There is something about the Mask that aged look, Something about it makes Michael look so menacing. Now lets talk about the man of the hour, Michael Audrey Myers, after 40 years, Pure Evil has never skipped a beat. The Deaths are freaking brutal, there is one that I really liked but I won’t say.

Now I know a few Horror fans aren’t going to like this, but you simply can’t satisfy everyone. I know a few Horror Movie Reviewers who are skeptical about the film, but they’re perspective may or may not change come October 19th.

For our Review on Halloween check out Our Full Review, Which will be Available on October 19th on the Super Retro Throwback Reviews YouTube Channel

October 5th, 2018 Salem, Massachusetts 01:19 AM

The Film Concludes with a 10 Minute (Thunderous Applause) Standing Ovation, It was definitely worth the 3 and a Half Hour Trip.

After the film, everyone filed out into the lobby where Andi Matichack and Ryan Turek were receiving Congratulatory Handshakes, and Photos with their Fans, I obviously couldn’t leave without Congratulating Andi Matichack on her portrayal as Allyson Strode (Granddaughter to Laurie Strode), So I shook her hand and said “Congratulations and Awesome Performance” she said “Thank You” and we got a picture together. Halloween 4

I said the same to Ryan Turek and got a Picture with him as well.

Halloween 5

October 5th, 2018 I-95 (Heading Home) 02:00 AM

Heading Home, the feeling of seeing quite possibly one of the greatest Halloween films since the Original (you heard me). I was breaking down some moments from the film in my head and like i usually do after that, think how certain scenes could be played out differently. But It was a Night to Remember, A Night Where He Came Home To Salem!!

Check out Halloween when it slashes it’s way into theaters on October 19th.


An Advanced Screening……Say Whaaa!!

We are no stranger to Advanced Screenings, we’ve been given the opportunity to see multiple Movies a few days or a week before they open to the public. But you may be wondering “How does one get into an Advanced Screening” or “I want to see this film before everyone else, how do i go about doing that”. Well, we are going to tell you our experience and how we get to see a film early.

First, we need a Movie, lets choose “First Man” (because we just got back from seeing an advanced screening of it last night).

Next step is the tricky part, go to either, the Studios website, or your local Movie Theater. Allow me to break down each one and how effective each one is:

  • : very effective, its a site where you put in your city, and they list the current advanced screening films (NOTE: they don’t post these at a specific time, these screenings can be posted at 11pm on a Friday night to 3am on a Tuesday night) We highly recommend you signup for alerts, they will notify you when a screening pops up and you are not waiting at random.
  • The Movie Studio Website : Simply sign up and select “Notify Me” of any screenings, Probability of the studio notifying you all depends on location, demographic, gender, income, whether or not your a member of the reviewing press, etc.
  • and finally Local Movie Theaters, these are very Rare and depending on your location, they might not happen at your local Regal (Advanced Screenings tend to happen in Big Cities, which means you have to go for a bit of a drive). Not a bad option, let it pass.

Ok, so you got your advanced screening pass in hand, your so excited to be seeing a film before everyone else, BUT WAIT, theres a couple of disclaimers/rules to abide by at the bottom of your pass/at the theater, what are they? Let us explain:

  • NO CELL PHONES/NO RECORDING DEVICES – This is extremely important, because you are seeing a Movie at the studios expense before the opening public, they absolutely DO NOT want anyone recording, (It’s Illegal Anyways) also the theater/studio hires private security so even if you pull out your phone to check the time, they will throw you out.
  • ARRIVE EARLY – Your Pass says “First Come, First Serve”, basically that means if you have a pass to see Avengers 4  get there early if you want to see it. You aren’t the only one with a pass. (EXAMPLE: Your Pass says Start Time “7:00”, thats when the movie starts, they don’t account the waiting in line and sitting in the theater waiting for the film to start) So We Suggest you Arrive 2 Hours Early. Trust us, you’ll thank us later, and it’s worth the wait.
  • BRING A GOVERNMENT ID – Your name is on the pass, but the gatekeeper might not know who the pass holder is.
  • NO BACKPACKS – I don’t know why.

Those are pretty much the important rules, Basically, the movie studio is sparing no expense for you to see this film, the studio has rented the theater, security, and everything else, they don’t want any ripples in the water, case in point.

So, you got your pass, you understood the rules, now sit back relax and enjoy your advanced screening:

First Man Theater.jpg


Welcome to The Blog!!!

It’s October 1st, and we decided to bring you something new!! We are doing a blog, (Don’t worry, the Audio Podcast and Youtube Channel aren’t going anywhere) This is where you will find our own No Holds Barred Written Commentary on Movies, Music, and Video Games, Also you’ll get our Review and Commentary on the Comic Cons we attend. So Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy The Official Blog of Super Retro Throwback Reviews.